Restricted Zone

The fencing had gone up overnight a whole building surrounded by the high steel  that surrounds construction sites. It annoyed me only because it barred my usual path to work. I was late and making a detour around the perimeter was going to make me late. I enjoyed working at the university on a weekend. The […]

The Dyodedra

An ancient lowland wood full of life, yet not. A pool hidden, with secrets! A silent, secret pool in the deepest part of the woodland. An ordinary stretch of forest in a lowland plain in the north of England. The Vale of York, a huge flat expanse of land nestled between hills and moors forty miles […]

Outdoor Chess

There is a special time in the forest, a vague time. You might miss it, closing the gate as you leave the wood. Rushing to find your way home as darkness falls. You really need to stop, sit down. Relax and wait for the players to return.   In this place, it is chess in […]

Some Thoughts On Trees – August

Wonderful August! If you see me in a wood standing, staring, skywards. Leave me be I’m in a happy leafy world, my joyous perfect place. Each tree unique, working hard to save the planet. Right the wrongs brought on by man. Improving our poisoned air leaf by leaf. This ancient woodland is a dreamlike place, silent. Well, […]

Order Is Restored

Sitting at the enquiry desk I feel a presence. I know it’s there. The building is old, a hundred years maybe more, with large cavernous rooms and stairways, The oldest part of the towns university and where the entrance to its main library is situated. I suppose it’s always quiet in libraries, Sunday mornings though are quieter […]

Daz and His Dog

Daz sat motionless on the old park wall. Tired and cold he was wrapped up all of his layers on. It had been a cold night for early November. His old rucksack at his feet, not much in it. Just some plastic sheets, a sleeping bag and blanket. The dog standing near him gave a long […]

The Brooch

After weeks of wind and rain today was perfect, still and dry. The nearby turbines stood motionless, like bleached white skeletons against the dark sky. As ever the dog stood close by its owner panting softly. Occasionally a bird spiralled skywards startled by something unseen. Standing by the edge of the wood at the corner of […]