A Leap of Faith

As Cecilia Vanderbank passed from this life, a small team of medics moved into action. She had no family, was fabulously wealthy and about to die. She believed in nothing except money, business and science. Despite her fame and fortune her destiny was to be the same as everyone else’s on the planet.

In recent years’ great advances had been made with anti-aging drugs, treatments and cryogenics. The old lady had considered them all and tried quite a few to try to her retain youth. In the end she had put all of her hopes and most of her money with the company that a young student, Molly Bradford had just walked into. The claims they made were unbelievable, the prices they charged certainly were. 

As the frail old woman died the team worked fast to remove her brain other vital organs and blood. Cryogenics was now certainly out of the question for Cecilia, she had just taken one of the biggest leaps of faith any human ever had.

Molly had agreed to take part in a medical study for one simple reason, she was broke. The money would be a big help and she would have plenty of time to study. The whole thing seemed like a ‘win/win’ situation, a safe clinical trial, the final stages of hay fever drug testing before they were ready for the public at large.

“Welcome, welcome,” said a creepy guy in the white coat.

“My name is Dr Stern and I will be conducting the research that you have agreed to take part in. Molly didn’t like him but was sure everything was OK, she had checked the company on the internet. They were a big name in research, her room was as good as any fancy hotel, television, music, she had a good feeling about all of this.

The only down side was the creepy guy, who was back knocking at her door. “Can you drink this please we will be starting the treatment immediately.”

A few minutes later Molly had been taken to a small laboratory with a whole array of electronic equipment, she had changed into a surgical gown and was now really starting to worry about the creepy guy.

She didn’t need to as a very pleasant nurse called Clara came in and attached Molly to various drips and monitors, assuring her all the time that the tests wouldn’t hurt her and within a couple of hours she would be finished for the day.

The drink earlier had started to relax Molly. The creepy Doctor and nurse were standing over her, staring.

“What exactly did you give me,” Molly said, finding it increasingly difficult to move.

“A strong anaesthetic, you will be aware what is happening but unable to speak or react in any way. Eventually you will pass out, at least I hope you do,” said Dr Stern.

“I thought this was a hay fever test,” said Molly. She was aware the power of speech was beginning to leave her.

“You are very lucky, you have signed up for an incredible new procedure and are the first person in the world to ever undergo it,” said Doctor Stern.

She was terrified and struggled but to no avail.

“What are you doing to me? I signed up for no such thing,” said Molly.

“Who cares you’re here now. The science is astonishing, in layman’s terms what we are putting into you is a bit of a soup. Blood, chemicals, DNA that kind of stuff oh I nearly forgot and someone elses brain,” said Doctor Stern.

“What?” said Hannah

“The truth of it is that an incredibly rich woman believes that Clara and I can give her new life. If I can Molly I am afraid that soon there will be more of Cecilia Vanderbank in this body than you,” said Dr Stern.

Molly just stared at the two people looking down on her. The power of speech had finally left her. The poor young woman could only lay on the operating table she had been transferred to and consider her fate.

The old lady’s cells quickly began morphing with Molly’s own, one by one. One person cells and DNA changing into those of another. Doctor Stern watched with delight as his lifetime’s work came to fruition. His test subject who had walked into the clinic a few hours earlier was changing. Still a twenty-three-year-old but now someone completely different.

The Doctor reached into his pocket and took out an old faded photograph showing a happy young woman. She was in summer clothes of an early twentieth century style. He looked between patient and photograph. Yes he was certain this unfortunate young woman now bore a striking resemblance to the young Mrs Vanderbank. Dr Stern smiled as he left the room, satisfied with his mornings work.

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