Move Silent and Swift

The world had been dark for just one year. Morgan thought he was managing alright. He had though seen the population of his once busy home city dwindle to a fraction of its size. People just didn’t take enough care. Move silent and swift, that was now the key to survival.

At first when the darkness came life had carried on pretty much as normal. Scientists were working hard convinced there was a rational explanation. The religious were praying convinced their sins had caused it. Morgan wasn’t sure what to think, his main aim was now to get by.

As each day passed things were getting more difficult. Services were failing, with fuel for the first time being in short supply. For a reason so far unknown the sun’s light was failing to reach the earth’s surface leaving the planet in darkness. Beyond the atmosphere satellites and the ISS reported that everything was normal.

The shortage of fuel and food though was causing problems for Morgan. He had to travel further, Spending longer outside each day in order to find supplies. Moving quietly in the dark and quickly enough not to get noticed.

No one quite knew what happened. People were disappearing, swallowed up by the darkness. Morgan was determined to survive. Quietly, speedily he moved around the ever-increasing number of empty stores. Collecting just enough supplies to carry back to his apartment.

The journey back was uneventful. How long was it now since he had seen anyone? Weeks, months he was unsure. The well-lit apartment was his refuge. There had been no electricity for a while but candles and battery lamps were everywhere. The light such a contrast to the darkness enveloping the world outside.

How long exactly? He pondered this all the way through his meal of tinned beans and bottled water. A light in his apartment went out. He noticed it immediately, they were such an important part of his life. Then another candle flickered, one by one the lights in his apartment went out. He knew it was time to leave. Once this creeping darkness settled on a place no light would shine.

There was only one chance for Morgan to survive he needed to move silent and swiftly. He knew though he would have to stop eventually. That his days on this dark planet were numbered.

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