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The Red Door

What a day! It started like any other. Shower, breakfast and out of the door to work. As I left my apartment things got a little weird, I found a letter outside my door. It seemed genuine with my address on it and a name, Molly Baxter in big letters. That’s me if you were wondering. Inside there were just three things an address, directions and an old key. That was it! What’s a girl to do, I was completely intrigued? It wouldn’t harm to take a look; it might shed some light on things. It turned out it wasn’t too far from…

The Letter

I found a letter in the street today I don’t know what to do, it’s in a box under the stairs for now until I decide. “My Dear Friend This will soon be over I travel to Paris today This evil man will be soon be dead When you hear the news Leave as planned Kindest Regards” Sarah x