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Three Amigos

The world rushes by this city Sunday. The three amigos on the steps dancing, chilling, singing. Fifty, sixty or even seventy who knows? Tired faces, worn out clothes, shabby un-chic ready for anything caring for nothing. The great and the good, rush here, don’t look there quickly cross the street, “they might want money.” A tape machine with tinny tones of Bob Marley ‘Jammin’ straight from 77. A hint of alcohol, well more than just a hint an early morning top up from cheap sherry hidden out of view. Takes the edge off soothing cold tired bones. Lookout for cops,…

The Letter

I found a letter in the street today I don’t know what to do, it’s in a box under the stairs for now until I decide. “My Dear Friend This will soon be over I travel to Paris today This evil man will be soon be dead When you hear the news Leave as planned Kindest Regards” Sarah x