Whispers On the Wind

Whispers! Have you heard them at night, in the dusty attic, damp cellar or cold storeroom? They are there all around us. Some think they are whispers from God and angels or from Satan. Voices from the afterlife, the graveyard, the dark side. When you least expect them you will surely hear them.

Whispers are there in our heads and hearts. They can be heard at sea, on the wind, at moonrise, at sunrise, on a quiet beach. The movies have taught us that you can hear whispers in the static on television and radio sets, or even the internet. There are of course whispers from space, voices drifting through space and time warning us of our planets impending doom. Whispers can be heard in the dark corners of a railway station or bus station. In a quiet room, an empty office, a lonely street and of course a deserted cinema.

I have heard whispers in my dreams, terrible voices. Foretelling of terrible events.

Do I believe these whispers exist? No of course not this is simply an exercise in writing? As instructed I turned to page 29 of the nearest book I had to hand, chose a random word and have tried to elaborate the best I can.

Dark, quiet and lonely spots are wonderful places to be however. If you chose to be there alone then it’s not the whispers you need to be wary of. Other humans will always give you more trouble than the supernatural. Dreams well they are just that, the brain recharging and cleansing nothing more.

What do exist though are the whispers that are all around us, the best and worst kind.

Whispers behind closed doors, at the office, on the bus, masonic whispers, lover’s whispers, an enemy’s whispers, a friend’s whispers, children’s whispers. Whispers about a surprise, a present, a happy event, whispers by a spiteful person, a loving person the list goes on.

Next time someone whispers near you ask them what they are whispering about, demand to know but only if you really want to and are ready for the answer.

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